• Product No. 15003
  • Product No. 15003
  • Retro Russian Nevalyashka ‘’Mary’’ Roly–Poly Doll
  • Colour – Red, White, Green, Beige and Black
  • Made of eco-friendly and safe materials
  • Made in Tambov Region, Russia since 1959




Nevalyashka Roly–Poly Doll is a traditional Russian toy for toddlers who are just learning to sit. As the toy is tipped over, it rolls on its rounded bottom while emitting a soft chime from its internal bells.

The history of toy production dates back to the Soviet period.  The first samples of Nevalyashka were manufactured in 1956.

At present the plant manufactures more than 35 types of Nevalyashka toys. Among these the most popular is Mary.

The toys are made of eco-friendly and safe materials. This product was awarded a platinum medal at an All-Russian exhibition-contest “All-Russian Mark’’ (III Millennium)


This product is new.



  • Doll Approximately ~ 25cm high
  • Doll Approximately ~ 14cm wide
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