OSTBLOCK is Australia’s only online store specializing in original mid-century and modern day products sourced exclusively from Eastern Europe.

Centuries of conflict and changing borders have shaped this region and its distinct cultural identity. With most of the nations veiled behind the infamous iron curtain, much of Eastern Europe`s mid-century art was done in isolation and in accordance with the strict dogma of the former Soviet Union.

Yet, in spite of the oppression, profound beauty, elegance, wit and even humour were the routine achievements of the gifted artists and designers of these times.

OSTBLOCK is committed to source the finest examples of these wonderful pieces of history and unveil their extraordinary stories.  Each of these objects offers a glimpse into a past which was to have a profound influence on the lives we live today.

OSTBLOCK also offers a selection of modern day products from the same regions. Some of these products are by contemporary artists offering a new interpretation of what Central and Eastern Europe represents, while others have been in continuous production since the mid-century.

Regardless of their age, all of our products have been painstakingly researched for their authenticity. A decision to purchase an OSTBLOCK product not only offers a window into the past but celebrates the triumph of the creative spirit.