What happens if my purchase arrives damaged?

If there is damage to an item not specified in the product description or photographs, please notify OSTBLOCK within 48 hours. Carefully pack the item back into its original packaging and post it to the following address; P.O. Box 341, Elwood, 3184, Victoria, Australia.

Upon inspection of the returned item, OSTBLOCK will either offer a full refund for the cost of the broken item or in the case of a brand new product, offer an identical replacement product.

No inbound or outbound shipping costs will be refunded.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions page for more detailed information regarding returns or cancellations.


Can I refund my purchase if I decide that I don`t like it or that I have changed my mind?

Unfortunately we do not accept refunds on the basis of a personal change of preference. For this reason we highly recommend that you read the product descriptions carefully and take time to consider your choice.


Do you ship products outside of Australia? If so, how much does the shipping cost?

We are happy to ship products anywhere in the world given that there is a courier that can get it there. If you are interested to ship a parcel outside of Australia, please contact us via the email address; service@ostblock.com.au with the product number and the location that you would like the item to be sent. We will respond with an Australian Dollar quotation based on the information supplied. Please bear in mind factors such as remote locations, size and weight of the item will affect the price of shipping.


Will the colours of the products look exactly the same as the photos?

Though we use high quality photographic equipment, there may be slight discrepancies between how colours appear on a computer screen and how they appear in reality. This is due to the calibration of a computer screen or printer and is unavoidable. These colour variation should be considered if making a purchase based on a specific colour.


Is it possible to view items before purchasing?

Unfortunately viewing prior to purchase is not possible with OSTBLOCK. This is due to the fact, that the majority of our products are in Storage in Germany and are shipped to your door directly from there.

We hope that at some time in the near future, we may be able to open a physical store, but until then we are strictly an online business.


Are all your items original vintage from Central and Eastern Europe?

Nearly all our items are original vintage from Eastern Europe. We also have a range of brand new items from Central and Eastern Europe from selected companies. These items are naturally clearly labelled as being brand new so there is no chance of confusion. To locate all the brand new items, simply go to the "Contemporary" category in the menu.

There is also a handful of non-eastern European vintage products. These are items that were found in Central and Eastern European countries but were manufactured in a different location. Such items are also clearly identified.


Do you combine shipping for multiple purchases?

Yes, it is possible though it depends on the items in question. Some smaller items are in fact less expensive to ship separately. Whatever the combination of items being purchased, we will endeavor to find the most cost effective solution for our customers.


Do you provide warranties on your products?

We can only provide the manufacturer’s warranty on the brand new items we stock. This is usually a one year warranty, and you will be informed of which items have a longer warranty.

We do not offer a warranty on our vintage stock.


Does vintage mean old used items or new vintage looking reproductions?

All of our items that are listed as vintage are genuine vintage items; That is to say that they are not new items and they will have approximations of when they were manufactured.


Is it safe to put vintage china or ceramics in the dishwasher or microwave oven?

Absolutely not, these items are fragile and often hand painted. They were not made to withstand high heat, chemicals or agitation.