1950’s ‘Rock'n Roll’ Vase by Danuta Duszniak

  • Product No. 17019
  • 1950’s ‘Rock'n Roll’ Vase by Danuta Duszniak
  • Fine Hand Painted Porcelain
  • Colour – Black and White
  • Made in PRL, Wałbrzych, Poland by Wawel  - Since 1831 



This 1957 Sculptural vase is by Danuta Duszniak. It is part of the ‘Rock'n Roll’ series and it is offered in perfect collectors’ condition.

It is impressed with brand name ‘W-WAWEL’ which was introduced by Krzysztof Porcelain in 1953.

Today this is amazing and rare piece of 1953 - 1968 Polish Industrial Design is displayed at the National Museum in Warsaw.


Danuta Duszniak was born in Lviv, Uktraine in 1926. She studied Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, socializing in Sculpture.  She graduated in 1953 gaining fame as a renowned porcelain and jewelry designer.  



  • Approximately ~ 24.5cm tall



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