1950’s ‘Neu Bayreuth’ Vase by Elsa Fischer-Treyden

  • Product No. 17008


  • 1950’s ‘Neu Bayreuth’ Vase by Elsa Fischer-Treyden
  • Fine Quality Porcelain
  • Colour – White, Grey and Gold
  • Made in West Germany by Thomas - Since 1903




This 1953 Elsa Fischer-Treyden designed vase is offered in perfect collectors’ condition. The Leaf motif is different on both sides. On the base it is stamped 7530/ 51.

Elsa Fischer - Treyden was an artist and designer.  Her work is clear and matter-of-fact and does justice to the art of production. Her design fulfills the demand for a fruitful collaboration of art, industry, craftsmanship and commerce.

Fischer-Treyden worked for Thomas - Rosenthal from 1952 until her death.

Her famous works include the stemware series ‘Fuga’ and the porcelain service ‘Fortuna’



  • Approximately ~ 25.5cm tall



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