Retro East German Wrestler Baby Rattle Doll (Dark)

  • Product No. 07002
  • Retro East German Wrestler Baby Rattle Doll (Dark)
  • Colour – Shades of Brown and Black, White, Blue and Red
  • Made from safe plastic. CE Certified and fulfils EU - norm EN71 Standards
  • DDR/ GDR Made in East Germany by Schildkröt - Since 1896



This iconic and adorable East German Wrestler Doll is offered as new. It is part of a retro range produced since the 60’s.

Schildkröt are the oldest doll company in the world, producing dolls for over 100 years. They only use safe plastics which contain no phthalates, nonyl phenols and PAH's (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons). Perfectly safe and equally charming, this is a toy that can be enjoyed by adult and baby alike



  • Approximately ~ 16cm tall


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