1950’s - 1960’s ‘Sputnik’ Glass Vase

  • Product No. 09006
  • 1950’s - 1960’s ‘Sputnik’ Glass Vase
  • Mouth and Hand Formed Fine Glass
  • Colour –  Deep Purple
  • Made in DDR/ GDR in Arnstedt Thüringer Valley, East Germany by Thüringer Glaskunst



This rare and iconic Sputnik vase is mouth and hand formed. It’s made from most delicate and finest glass and formed into a graceful tall neck vase. The mid-section is decorated with a band of protruding soft, organic dimples which overall enhance and reflect the rich mauve tones. It playfully resembles a UFO space ship. 

This vase bares EXPERTIC label, which was placed on arts and crafts made in the former DDR East Germany. The Expertic Trade Association was founded in 1968 to sell the artisan pieces for hard currency in the West. This continued until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. These pieces are very special because they represent fine German craftsmanship from the part of Germany isolated by the Wall. These pieces are limited to a specific period in history and they are no longer produced.

This vase is offered in excellent used vintage condition.



Vase – approximately ~ 22cm tall


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