Mid Century ‘Vine’ Fat Lava Vase with a Handle

  • Product No. 21002
  • Mid Century ‘Vine’ Fat Lava Vase with a Handle
  • Glazed/ Fat Lava Ceramic
  • Colour – Lilac, Brilliant Blue, Green and Balck
  • Made in DDR/ GDR, East Germany by Strehla – Since 1828 



This characteristic Tubed- Line Fat Lava Vase is richly adorned with Blue Grapes graphic. The colour is Brilliant and the Blue Grapes are beautifully outlined by the Fat Lava Pipping. It is offered in very good used vintage condition, with few flee nibbles on the rim. Possibly missed during glazing. (See image) 

On the base, it is embossed with numbers 1304 and stamped with Strehla logo. 

Strehla’s designs were characterised in the late 60’s and 70’s by decorations using a tube-lined lava glaze which was added by hand. Most pieces are marked with an ink stamp and have a model number impressed on the base. The company closed in 1989.



  • Approximately ~ 21cm tall



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