Mid Century ‘Birdie’ Slava Mechanical Alarm Clock

  • Product No. 04007
  • Mid Century ‘Birdie’ Slava Mechanical Alarm Clock
  • 11 Jewels , Manual Winding, Molded Plastic and Metal Back Plate
  • Colour – Yellow with Black Details
  • Made in CCCP/ USSR in Moscow, Soviet Union by Slava - Since 1924


This playful bright yellow, 11 Jewel, Mechanical Alarm Clock is testimony to Soviet Mid Centaury Industrial Design. Long gone are the days when Stalin reigned over the Soviet Union. But for this timeless piece… its days are still ahead.

‘Birdie’ is offered in very good used vintage condition and when tested, it works just fine. 

Slava in Russian ‘’Cлава’’ means "Glory" but commonly referred to as "Slava Lava!" During the 1930’s the factory developed wrist watches, alarm, wall and car clocks, pocket watches and chess clocks. Slava was the second non-military watch maker established in the Soviet Union. Their watches and clocks have always been intended for civilians and not the military or aerospace.

One of the strongest links to the West was the production of Slava watches for the British Company Sekonda. This relationship lasted from the 1960’s until the collapse of the USSR.

The old factory building in Moscow has recently been demolished but the Slava factory continues to produce watches today.


  • 1964 - Leipzig International Fair Slava tuning-fork wrist watch received a gold medal
  • 1974 - Slava watches received a gold medal at Brno Fair
  • 1975 - Gold medal at Leipzig International Fair




  • Approximately ~ 10.5cm tall
  • Approximately ~ 9.5cm wide



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