Mid Century ‘Art Geometrics’ Vase with a Handle

  • Product No. 17003
  • Mid Century ‘Art Geometrics’ Vase with a Handle
  • Hand Painted Glazed Ceramic
  • Colour – Off White with Black, Orange, Green, Blue Details
  • Made in West Germany possibly by Bay Kermaik –  Since 1933 to 1971                                                    



This is a fine example of West German Pottery. The vase is hand painted with 1950’s criss cross and circular graphic. It is offered in very good used vintage condition.  On the base, it is embossed with numbers 243/ 25. Bay Keramik can be identified by the use of white clay. 

West German Pottery has been gaining a large following. Some of these ceramic pieces are hand-thrown while others are mass-produced stock shapes. Even stock shapes are made unique by the rough textures and the huge range of individual glazes. 

Factories that produced these ceramic pieces include Bay Keramik, Carstens, Dumler & Breiden, Jopeko, Roth, Ruscha, and Scheurich. Many are only marked with a serial number and often with German or W. Germany on the bottom making it difficult to determine the original designer or manufacturer.



  • Approximately ~ 26cm tall



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