1970’s Diehl ‘Resonic’ Mini Alarm Clock

  • Product No. 04001
  • 1970’s Diehl ‘Resonic’ Mini Alarm Clock
  • 5 Volt Battery Operated, Plastic Case, Rubber Feet, Metal Face and Hands
  • Colour – Cream White and Red
  • Made in Nuremberg, West Germany by Diehl - Since 1902



On offer is this Pop Art  Mid Century ‘Resonic’ Mini Alarm Clock from Diehl. It comes with time and second hand, German day abbreviation and date display as well as a 24 hour alarm clock function. Number 002 is printed on the base.

It is offered in very good used vintage condition and when tested, works just fine.

Diehl, a family owned company, has a 100 year history with humble beginnings as a wrought-iron shop in Nuremberg. In 1947, the first Diehl clock was put on the market. This is the maker of the Iconic Travel Alarm Clock. The company strives until today, as an internationally recognized technology corporation.

  • Please note that battery is not included



  • Approximately ~ 11.5cm long
  • Approximately ~ 6.5cm wide
  • Approximately ~ 8cm high



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