1960’s Traditional German Folk Wooden Dolls

  • Product No. 07004
  • 1960’s X6 Traditional German Folk Wooden Dolls
  • Colour – Natural Wood Decorated with Blue, Red, Green, White and Black
  • Hand Crafted and Hand Painted
  • DDR/ GDR Made in East Germany by Erzgebirge Holzkunst – Tradition Since 17th Century 



A complete set of 6 Hand crafted wooden dolls in traditional German folk costumes. Each hand-made piece is an original. They are offered in great used vintage condition.

The set is complete and it consists of a young couple with their parents, possibly a wedding party.

This collection bares the EXPERTIC label, which was placed on objects produced in the former DDR East Germany. The Expertic Trade Association was founded in 1968 to sell the Erzgebirge Christmas crafts for hard currency in the West. This continued until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989. These dolls are unique as they represent fine German craftsmanship from a region isolated by the Wall. They are limited to a specific period of time and have not since been produced.



  • Approximately ~ Smaller Dolls 5cm tall
  • Approximately ~ Lager Dolls 7.5cm tall


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