1960’s ‘Rain’ Vase by Hubert Petras

  • Product No. 17006
  • 1961 ‘Rain’ Vase by Hubert Petras
  • Fine Quality Porcelain
  • Colour – White and Blue
  • Made in DDR/ GDR East Germany by Wallendorf – Since 1764



This 1961 Hubert Petras designed vase is offered in perfect collectors’ condition. Its hand painted in Cobalt Blue, creating a rain scene. Every character is unique.

During the 5th German Art Exhibition in Dresden in 1962 this design was criticized by no lesser than Walter Ulbricht, the former Head of State. He excoriated this design for its international style and simplicity. Today these vases are Icons of DDR/ GDR Industrial Design.

This series consisted of underglaze, white vases ranging in size from 9cm to 17.8cm. Making this one very special, because it is the only one hand decorated.

Hubert Petras was born in Kniesen / Slovakia in 1929.After his apprenticeship as a disc potter, he came to Heiligendamm in 1950 and three years later went to study building ceramics / sculpture at the University of Fine and Applied Arts in Berlin-Weißensee. After completing his studies, he became artistic director of the Rudolstadt-Volkstedt porcelain factory in 1958.

Wallendorf are one of the oldest porcelain manufacturers in Germany and the whole of Europe. 



  • Approximately ~ 15cm tall



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