1960’s Lauscha 'Cactus' Glass Vase by Albin Schaedel

  • Product No. 09010
  • 1950’s - 1960’s Lauscha 'Cactus' Glass Vase by Albin Schaedel
  • Mouth and Hand Formed Fine Glass
  • Colour – Olive Green
  • Made in DDR/ GDR in Arnstedt Thüringer Valley, East Germany by LAUSCHA Thüringer Art Lampwork.


This bespoke Albin Schaedels vase is mouth and hand formed. It’s made from the most finest, most delicate glass and formed into a 3D cactus shape, pitted with decorative organic dimples.

Albin Schaedels name is associated with countless pioneering inventions. But he was mostly admired for his keen sense of timeless shapes and his eye for perfect proportions, best viewed on such simple, elegant vessels.

Albin Schaedels 1905 – 1999, internationally renowned glass artist from Thüringer Valley. First international recognition in 1959 at the glass-exhibition "Glass" in the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

This vase is offered in excellent used vintage condition, baring the original mark Mundgeblasen Handgeformt.



  • Vase – approximately ~ 20cm tall


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