1960’s – 1970’s Ruhla Mechanical Alarm Clock

  • Product No. 04006


  • 1960’s – 1970’s Ruhla Mechanical Alarm Clock
  • Manual Winding, High Gloss Chrome and Painted Metal Case
  • Colour –White Face, Gloss White Case with Gloss Chrome Details and Satin Gloss Painted Back Plate
  • Made in DDR/ GDR East Germany by VEB Clock &Engine Works Ruhla  - Since 1952



On offer is this Mid Century ‘Teutonic’, Ruhla Alarm Clock in white high gloss housing, positioned on dainty metal feet.

This is such a rare find because it is offered in such good used vintage condition and when tested, it works just fine. There are very few tiny wear marks. (See image) 

In 1952 Ruhla was fully taken over by the Russian style Kombinat (publically owned and run peoples enterprise) Throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s Ruhla would develop clocks and instruments in cooperation with the Soviet Union for the aircrafts Ilyushin as well as electronic clocks, automatic controls and heavy technical machinery such as milling machines. In the 1980’s Ruhla had joined Soviet Union in the Space race discovery.



  • Approximately ~ 10cm tall
  • Approximately ~ 8cm wide


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