1950’s Bisque Fawn ‘’Bambi’’ Ceramic Figurine

  • Product No. 07010
  • 1950’s Bisque Fawn ‘’Bambi’’ Ceramic Figurine
  • Mid Century Pottery
  • Colour – Unglazedl Ceramic Brown
  • Made in West Germany by Cortendorf - Since 1890



This fawn figurine is offered in mint condition. The understated elegance of bisque ceramic is charming and reveals master craftsmanship within the strokes. Alluringly tactile, yet incredibly fragile, this item truly embodies the essence of Bambi. This 1950’s range has been design under Albert Strunz , who is also famous for the Wall Mask range launched in 1958. 



  • Approximately ~ 14cm high
  • Approximately ~ 14cm wide


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