1950’s – 1960’s Rectangular Glass Serving Tray

  • Product No. 10005


  • 1950’s – 1960’s Rectangular Glass Serving Tray
  • Hand Formed Glass
  • Colour - Clear Glass with White Lace Pattern
  • Made in Germany by HEYE Filigran Glas - Since 1843


 ConditionA rectangular serving tray decorated with a white lace pattern reminiscent of a traditional Doily. The rim is also delicately coated in rich gold.

This item would be radiant on any coloured background but would also look stunning white on white. 


Traditionally such a tray would be used for serving deserts and cakes.

It is offered in excellent used vintage condition. 



  • Approximately ~ 30cm long/ 20cm wide / 2cm high


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